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Swan-neck forks

Safe transport without a transport carrier

There are some goods that could be damaged by the inner heel radius of a StandardFork (i.e. wooden plates, sensitive pallets, etc.). The solution is swan-neck forks: The inner heel radius is offset to the rear. Thus, the nominal length of the fork can be completely used.

Product benefits

On the swan-neck fork the heel is offset to the rear, eliminating the risk of damage caused by the inner heel. This is particularly expedient when transporting goods without a transport carrier, e.g. wooden or metal sheets, furniture and paper.

The fork blade of the swan-neck fork can be completely exploited. This eliminates the risks posed by overhanging goods. At the same time the load centre of the forks and thus the residual capacity are unaffected, especially compared to the use of conventional end stops on the fork.

The loading process is thus fast, smooth and efficient.


  • Timber industry

  • Furniture industry

  • Paper industry

  • Metal industry / metal sheets