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Power packages for safe handling of heaviest loads

Toughest use, rough environment, around the clock: VETTER BIGForks are first choice as far as efficiency, safety and endurance are concerned. Manufactured on the most modern assembly line for BIGForks and equipped with the competence of the market leader, VETTER BIGForks are benchmarks in terms of quality and performance. The most comprehensive product range offers solutions for almost all applications.

Product benefits


Standard BIGForks are designed with a static load safety factor of 3, which is far above the safety factor of 2.5 specified in the standard. In addition, VETTER is the only manufacturer in the world that offers in-house testing on its own test rigs for large forks, ensuring that the fulfilment of these requirements is also verified under realistic conditions.



Only the best steel ensures that the fork is able to withstand the highest loading. To guarantee this, VETTER has constantly developed new steel qualities over the decades. The steel used has been optimised especially for VETTER quality forks and precisely tailored to meet the requirements of the specific applications. This guarantees the necessary toughness, purity, hardness, workability and ability to withstand severe long-term stress. Without compromises!


And for the most stringent requirements VETTER has the high-performance steel VQ1300 in its repertoire. This makes it possible to come up with completely new designs: A higher load-bearing capacity can be achieved using the same cross-section or, alternatively, the cross-section can be reduced for the same capacity.

And to ensure that this remains the case, the VETTER materials laboratory constantly examines and improves the materials used and carries out research into new materials.

BIGForks are closed die forged using the upsetting and bending method. Compared to the commonly used hammer forging method, this has significant advantages:


  • Tight tolerances
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Top reproducibility
  • Optimum material structure

And VETTER also sets high standards during downstream processing: A high degree of vertical integration guarantees top quality and a high level of flexibility. The mechanical processing produces a wide range of special designs. And qualified welders and our own welding engineers, certified in accordance with ISO 3834-2, guarantee that the forks can be used safely.

Can just a few minutes and a small temperature difference really make a significant difference during the heat treatment of a fork?
A definite yes!

That is why all BIGForks are heat treated in a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled hardening and charging plant that guarantees precise temperature and time control. A première in this industry! And for the fork this means the optimum combination of hardness, wear resistance and “flexibility”.

BIGForks are generally special designs that are tailored to suit the machines and applications in question. This is where you benefit from the extensive experience of the VETTER engineering team. A large number of large forks are already in our database and do not need to be measured out separately on-site.



On request, your BIGForks can be delivered completely ready for installation including additional auxiliary equipment such as guide rollers.



BIGForks are used on high-capacity forklift trucks and construction machinery by leading OEMs. This allows you to rest assured that BIGForks made by VETTER have been rigorously tested and certified.




  • Timber industry

  • Steelworks

  • Container transport / port logistics

  • Quarries