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FTP Forks

The best choice for moving stacked material

FTP forks are the preferred solution, whenever stacked material or transport carriers with low entry height are concerns. Characteristic for these forks are a long taper, a very thin fork blade, a polished surface and a special fork tip that is just a few millimetres thick.

Product benefits

Easy pick-up of layered material

High protection of load and less damages

Significant reduction of friction

Product characteristics

  • Very long taper (up to 1" to the fork heel)
  • Chisel tip with 0.12“ thickness
  • Available with top or bottom bevel for a safe load pick-up
  • Polished / Smooth surface to prevent damage to the load
  • Available with all kind of suspension
  • Special fork steel, fully heat treated
  • Optional high performance fork steel VQ1300 for toughest applications
  • Safety factor 3 guaranteed


Fully tapered fork blade

Polished surface

Special chisel tip

Applications and industries


Sheet metal