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Heavy-duty ForkExtensions

Remain flexible!

Extensions are the ideal solution when occasionally transporting loads that are longer than the forks of the available industrial truck. They can be installed quickly and conveniently by sliding them over the existing forks.

Qualiy Forkextensions by VETTER offer a solid welded design with open bottom as well as a tapered and chamfered tip. They are securely locked in place using a removable locking pin that ts behind the fork shank. All fork extensions conform to ISO 13284.

Product benefits

  • Extension of fork for individual applications
  • Collision-free mounting on attachments (no interfering edges)
  • High-quality industrial design (instead of simple bent profiles)
  • Precise adaptation to the existing fork cross-section for tightest overall dimensions
  • Easy, stable and fast assembly by removable locking pin
  • Safe load pick-up by tapered and chamfered extension tip
  • Construction complies with ANSI B56.1

Open design (open bottom)

Uniform load distribution over the complete length of fork extension is mandatory.

Product pictures

Collision-free mounting bracket

Safe, easy and fast assembly by locking bolt

Tip of fork extension tapered and chamfered

Marking of correct mounting direction

How to select fork extensions?

  • To carry uniform loads no longer than the fork extension length
  • The fork extension should not be longer than 150% of the supporting fork length
  • The rated capacity and load center of the industrial truck must be guaranteed
  • The load capacity of the fork extension must be adjusted to the particular fork
  • The fork extension has to be tailored to the individual fork cross-section


  • Forwarders and warehouses

  • Rental pools

  • Companies with varying load lengths