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Fork hooks and locking mechanism

Fork hooks and locking mechanisms are subject to high loads during day-to-day use. It could well be the case that hooks and locking mechanisms are defective although the wear limit of the fork has not yet been reached. All suspensions and locking mechanisms are available as spare parts to allow fast and economic repair of the fork in the event of wear. In this case please state the article number stamped on the fork hook (e.g. AV98). Replacement is also possible to meet changes to the operating conditions.

ATTENTION: Please observe that the welding of forks must only be performed by authorised specialists.

Product benefits

The attachment of the fork is exceedingly important. After all, part of the load hangs directly on this, making it crucial for the operating reliability. No matter which type of attachment you require: All VETTER suspensions have been optimised with regard to their load-bearing capacity and weld design and thus guarantee the highest degree of safety.

THE VETTER toggle lever locking mechanism has proved its worth for decades now. After all, it has one major advantage: It is always quite clear whether the locking mechanism is open or closed. Intermediate positions are not possible: A clear plus in terms of safety!