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DuplEx claddings

The only spark retardant fork with wear indicator

A real plus in safety and convenience: By using materials of different colors (brass and stainless steel), wear can be immediately determined at a glance.

0.04" stainless steel inlay on bottom + 0.16" brass cladding of the complete fork blade

The inner heel section is always uncladded. This gives the possibility to carry out fork inspection (crack detection) according to ANSI B56.1 / III / 6.

Product benefits

Take your forks out of service immediately as soon as the inner cladding becomes visible!
This ensures that you are always on the safe side.

Previously, the residual cladding had to be measured and documented.
With the DuplEx cladding, this is no longer necessary as wear is indicated at a glance. 
You save time and costs!

Neither specialist knowledge nor tools are required to use DuplEx safely.


  • Explosion-protected areas

  • Chemical industry