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ManuTel – Manual TelescopicFork

Ready to start work within seconds using manual TelescopicForks

During day-to-day operations it common that goods and pallets with different lengths need to be moved.
The forklift truck’s standard forks are often too short or too long. The ideal solution is ManuTel® – the manual TelescopicForks made by VETTER.

With ManuTel® you always have the “extension” ready to hand offering best performance for:

Single or multi pallet handling
Single or double deep stacking
Loading/unloading of trucks or trains from one side only

Product benefits

Loading and unloading trucks from one side or transport of two or three pallets at the same time.

PREVIOUSLY: installation time of fork extension of approx. 10 minutes

(search, fetch, install, lock, ... unlock, remove, take away, etc.)

NEW! ManuTel® < 1 minute required (unlock, extend, lock - READY!)

= a time saving of 9 minutes

Based on an hourly rate of $57.00 (forklift truck / driver) and 240 working days, this results in a time saving of 2,160 minutes = $2,052.00 per annum – for only one change of blade length per day and one forklift truck!

Always the right blade length!

No risk of accident due to protruding or short fork blades.

The underside of the ManuTel® G2 is closed off with a wear-resistant manganese steel plate.

It is thus protected against dirt, also suitable for use outdoors, has a long service life and can be used efficiently.

ManuTel® TelescopicForks are ready to use within seconds:

Remove the pin – pull out the fork shoe – replace the pin – READY! Without tools or additional hydraulics!

The length adjustment by means of locking pin is tried-and-tested, all over the world and under all ambient conditions.

ManuTel® forks are delivered with full documentation and in accordance with the requirements of the EC Machinery Directive (CE marking).

Their use thus meets all statutory requirements!


  • Forwarders and warehouses

  • DIY superstores

  • Transport of furniture, panels, wood or paper

  • Companies with varying load lengths


ManuTel® G2 standard edition

  • Ideal for truck loading and unloading from one side
  • Wear-resistant straight manganese steel plate on the lower side of the fork shoe
  • Wide product range: standard capacity up to 12,600 lbs at 24" load centre, other capacities on request

ManuTel® SlimLine edition

  • Ideal for loads and pallets with small apertures
  • Extra-thin blade – thickness only 1.5"
  • Quick-release pin-locking device for easy length adjustment
  • Capacity up to 3,600 lbs