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Different load lengths

Load efficiently. Work safely.

Everyday applications: Pallets are picked up lengthways and transversely, custom-sized loads are transported, or the truck can only be loaded and unloaded from one side. Ideally the forks should be just as flexible as you. VETTER hence provides you with forks that allow you to react to different transported goods.
The fork length is correct: For efficient loading and greater safety.

These forks adapt to the length of your load:

ManuTel - manual TelescopicForks

ManuTel® TelescopicForks are the ideal solution when regularly transporting goods that are longer than the forks available on the forklift truck.
The length of the fork blade can be adapted in no time at all. Simply remove the pin, adjust the blade length and lock the pin back in place.
Whether transporting a single pallet or picking up up to three pallets with ManuTel®, you increase safety and save time and costs.



ForkExtensions are the product of choice for occasional use. The particularly rugged and installation-friendly design guarantees safety and comfort.