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Forks for the transport of concrete elements

23. May 2024 | QualityForks

Heavy loads, complex surface geometries, small pockets – you need the right forks for safe handling.

Together with our customer, we have constructed this fork solution: Bolt-on forks with a 50 mm thick spray coating for the optimum transport of concrete elements with round tunnel formwork.

The forks are mounted on the carrier at a slight angle to provide an optimum contact surface for the rounded concrete elements. The coated fork blade guarantees an increased slip resistance. During transport, several elements are placed on top of each other, each separated by narrow bolts. This creates entry pockets so that the elements can be removed individually with a forklift truck and transported to the construction site as required. As these entry pockets are very narrow, it was important not to apply the coating more than 50 mm thick.

The fork pair with a blade length of 2400mm, a back height of 1600mm and a cross-section of 300x120mm have a load capacity of 32000kg.

In total, a fleet of 18 forklifts was equipped with these fork solutions.


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