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FTP Forks: The best choice for moving stacked material!

24. Feb 2021 | QualityForks

FTP forks are characterized by a long taper, a very thin fork blade, a polished surface and a special fork tip that is just a few millimeters thick. Where other forks are too thick, FTP forks convince in application:

  • Easy and safe pick-up of stacked materials, materials without load carrier and special load carriers with small entry heights
  • High protection for the transported goods
  • Significantly reduced damages of the load
  • Considerable reduction of friction and protection of sensitive surfaces

Applications are manifold: Transport of lumber, metal or stone plates, drywall and many more. And by the use of high-performance steel VQ1300 even the toughest demands will be safely fulfilled.

You are looking for a special fork for your specific application? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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