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7 good reasons for using the SmartFork®

24. February 2022 | Smart Solutions

The perfect forklift driver assistant for more safety and less accidents: forks with integrated camera and sensor technology.

7 reasons that will convince you – for sure!
Less transport damages and defective goods, improved visibility, more efficient workflows.

The integrated camera in the fork tip provides a better view – even when the load has been picked up. A installed monitor in the driver’s cab shows the camera image.

With using integrated LED stripes the forks are quickly and easily visible even in dark. At the same time, the LEDs can also be used to determine the entry depth.

The lateral camera position in the fork blade enables both forks to be visible on the monitor. Driving into the pallet is much safer and easier.

The entry depth can be precisely detected by a light sensor in the fork tip. The end of pallets is detected and the goods behind are protected from damage.

Through the monitor installed in the driver’s cab, the forklift driver can see everything that is happening in front of him. He has the best forward view without having to lean out of the truck.

A combination of FrontCam and SideCam. This means that the forklift driver always has the right perspective.
FrontCam: View in front of the goods when the load is picked up.
SideCam: View along the fork when storing.

The line laser integrated in the fork tip simplifies precise targeting of the load carrier.

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