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PROTECT brass stainless steel VETTER PROTECT brass stainless steel

Stainless steel claddings

Safe transports in hygienic areas

In the food or chemical industry, hygiene is of highest priority. QualityForks with stainless steel cladding are essential for this application! Stainless steel claddings offer an easy to clean, acid-resistance surface to meet highest hygiene requirements and guarantee effective protection against dirt and bacteria. Top-quality workmanship, best materials and utmost diligence guarantee an optimum product.

The fixed cladding on the fork blade and/or fork shank is made of stainless steel (1.4301). The cladding thickness is approx. 4 mm, resulting in an increase in the fork cross-section of approx. 10 mm.

Product benefits

You can rely on the stainless steel cladding in the hygienic area. Easy cleaning and a high level of acid resistance make it easier to observe stringent hygiene regulations.

Regular inspections are also required by law for cladded forks. The cladding has thus been designed so that the inner fork heel remains accessible and the inspection, including crack testing, can be carried out correctly.


  • Chemical industry

  • Food industry

Products for the explosion-protected area

DuplEx claddings

DuplEx forks are the only ATEX-certified forks with an integrated wear indicator. By using materials of different colours (brass and stainless steel), the wear limit can be seen at a glance: A significant plus in terms of safety and comfort.

DuplEx claddings


With StainlessSteelForks, the explosion protection properties are guaranteed in the long term. It is no longer necessary to check the coating thickness. A longer service life compared to coated forks ensures long-term cost savings.