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Cranked forks

Best visibility and efficient pick-up of load

Cranked forks are mainly used in the construction and agricultural industries with the aim of increasing visibility. A characteristic feature of these forks is the angled shape of the fork shank, providing an unobstructed view of the fork tips. This results in significant efficiency and safety benefits. Cranked forks are available in various dimensions and with different suspensions.

Product benefits

On many construction and agricultural machines forward visibility is often restricted when loading. One reason: The fork shanks block the gap between the suspensions of the fork carriage. Furthermore, it is not possible to see the fork tips. Cranked forks provide a clear view and thus increase the safety for man and goods.

When using StandardForks, a lot of the time one can only guess where the fork tips are positioned. Cranked forks can help here and make the entire loading process much quicker and more efficient.

Cranked forks can also be designed with the fork shank bent towards the outside. This allows the dimension over the forks to be greater than the width of the fork carriage.


  • Construction machinery

  • Agricultural machinery