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VETTER stainless steel forks

Solid StainlessSteelForks

The best solution for explosion-protected and hygiene areas

StainlessSteelForks are made of 100% solid stainless steel (including fork hooks), providing a smooth and polished surface. The design complies with ISO 2330 and was tested with a static safety factor of 3 and dynamically with1 million load cycles at 25% overload.

Product benefits

The main advantage of StainlessSteelForks: They are ALWAYS explosion-proof – and, of course, ATEX-approved! That results in a significant increase in work safety and additional time savings, as it is no longer necessary to measure the residual coating thickness.

StainlessSteelForks have three times the service life of coated forks. Furthermore, it is not necessary to renew the coating, which would result in costs and downtime. StainlessSteelForks thus offer you long-term cost and time savings.

The fork pockets in the goods being transported are sometimes so small that it is not possible to use cladded forks. Using StainlessSteelForks, it is possible to achieve significantly smaller cross-sections for the same load-bearing capacity.

StainlessSteelForks are also the first choice in hygienic areas: The uniformly smooth surface makes them easy to clean and prevents deposits and soiling. A further advantage is the high level of corrosion resistance.


  • Explosion-protected areas

  • Chemical industry

  • Food industry

  • Fishing industry