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BELUGA fork tip

Increased work safety, also in explosion-protected areas!

Very often, the fork tip is simply too sharp resulting in the risk of pricking the cargo. 

The solution: BELUGA fork tips with rounded edges and an increased impact surface of the fork tip upon contact with the load. This reduces damage of packaging and goods and increases safety of humans and environment - also in explosion-protected areas. 

Product benefits

BELUGA fork tips have rounded edges and an increased impact surface upon contact with the load. This significantly reduces the risk of the fork tip puncturing the goods and causing the contents to escape (in the worst case: dangerous goods). A significant plus in terms of work safety!

Further advantace: There are no interfering edges, thus safe pulling out of the pallet.

The damage to your goods is reduced to a minimum and, depending on the severity of the impact and the packaging, may even be completely eliminated.

Driving errors can have significant consequences, particularly in explosion-protected areas. QualityForks with BELUGA tip are thus also available with ATEX certification (made of stainless steel or with DuplEx cladding).

BELUGA fork tips make your processes significantly more efficient due to quick and safe load handling.
Further application: BELUGA allows a simple pushing of pallets. 
At the same time, the time and costs involved in rectifying any transport damages are eliminated.

BELUGA fork tips are available for a wide range of different fork solutions, i.e. ForkExtensions, FoldingForks, ForkCoatings and much more. 
Also additional tip forms for your specific application can be offered on request. 

BELUGA in use


  • Explosion-protected areas

  • Chemical industry

  • Food industry

  • Transporting fluids (f.ex. in drums and tanks)

  • Transporting bulk materials / big bags (f.ex. granulates and building materials)

  • Transporting dangerous goods