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QualityForks made by VETTER

Standard or tailored to the customers´needs.

When loading goods to be transported, precision, efficiency and robustness are a must. And operational processes require forks that can take a beating day in, day out, in some cases even around the clock. However, the work of an efficient lift truck fork doesn’t end there. As the key component of the forklift truck, it helps make work easier, safer and, above all, more profitable.

Our wide product range includes the ideal solution for you: for every size, every machine and every application.
We make it!

Fork suspensions

ISO forks

DIN forks

Pin-type forks

Bolt-on forks

Blank forks

Roller-guided forks

TWS forks



BELUGA fork tip


ManuTel® TelescopicForks

Anti-noise / anti-slip coatings

DuplEx claddings

Stainless steel forks

Stainless steel claddings

Swan-neck forks


Upside-down forks

Fully-tapered forks

Cranked forks

Special forks

Clever Helpers & Spare parts

Fork extensions

Anti-slip / anti-noise fork shoes / extensions

KOALA ImpactProtector

GEKKO Magnetic anti-slip layer

ZEBRA Warning bar

Fork hooks & locking mechanism