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VETTER Forkextension Extend fork


Remain flexible!

ForkExtensions are the ideal solution when occasionally transporting loads that are longer than the forks of the available industrial truck.
They can be installed quickly and conveniently by sliding them over the existing forks. They are securely locked in place using a locking pin that fits behind the fork shank. All fork extensions conform to ISO 13284.

Apart from the open and closed designs, a wide variety of special versions are feasible: coated ForkExtensions, ATEX versions, ForkExtensions with special tips and many more besides. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Product benefits

VETTER ForkExtensions have a robust, continuously welded box design (no bent section)


Every ForkExtension is individually tailored to suit the existing fork cross-section.


The tip of the ForkExtension have both tapered sides and tapered undersides.


For structural reasons the sidewalls are extra thick.


Every ForkExtension is equipped with a locking pin as standard.


The locking pin can be removed. This allows the ForkExtension to be slid over the fork and then locked in place.


The installation direction is clearly marked on every ForkExtension.


ForkExtensions are delivered with full documentation and in accordance with the requirements of the EC Machinery Directive (CE marking). The permanent marking guarantees long-term traceability. Their use thus meets all statutory requirements!


How to select fork extensions (ISO 13284)

  • ForkExtension has to be supported by the fork over a minimum of 60% of its total length
  • Rated capacity and load centre of the industrial truck must be guaranteed
  • Load capacity of the ForkExtension must match that of the fork


  • Forwarders and warehouses

  • Rental pools

  • Companies with varying load lengths


ForkExtension, open version

ForkExtension, closed version

ForkExtension, open version

  • Solely for transporting loads that are distributed over the entire length of the ForkExtension
  • Solid welded design
  • Open underside
  • Horizontally and vertically tapered tip

ForkExtension, closed version

  • For transporting loads whose centre of gravity could lie outside the basic fork
  • Welded and extra-solid box design
  • Closed underside
  • Horizontally and vertically tapered