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AGVready! Snapshot from fork production

28. September 2023 | Smart Solutions

Our latest project: AGV forks with SmartFork® technology for the automated storage process.

Of particular note is the fork tip distance sensor system. The fork tip’s redundant mechanical collision protection system, which uses inductive sensors, generates an electrical signal when it comes into contact with an object, which is used by the AGV’s control unit to initiate the braking process.

The same applies to the load stop function in the fork back. If the pressure is too strong, the sensor triggers an impulse and the machine also stops.

This smart integrated sensor technology reduces damages in the automated storage process.

So still keep in mind 😉: Forks are not just a boring bent piece of steel – today’s forks are equipped with innovative technology to make logistics safer.

More about VETTER SmartFork® technology:


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