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AGVready fork solutions: goods handling made easily

16. May 2024 | QualityForks

Our fork production tour shows 13 pairs of AGV forks that combine various fork features and are used on automated guided vehicles.

SmartFork® AGVready – from the idea to the ready-to-install solution. Integrated sensors in the fork tip recognise obstacles and interfering edges when the AGV approaches the goods. Entry pockets are targeted. The sensors recognise whether storage spaces are free and can be occupied.

Combined with CROC® fork coating, the AGVs ensure greater load protection when handling goods.

The goods must not move on the forks during transport. This must be controlled or guaranteed by sensors or fork coatings. Thanks to the CROC® anti-slip coating with increased abrasion resistance, slipping is prevented and the load is protected.

Whether for AGVs or for forklift trucks – these fork features make everyday logistics even safer!


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