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3 questions to Tim Luca Klein, apprenticeship to mechatronics engineer

08. Feb 2021 | Insights

Tim Luca, please introduce yourself?

My name is Luca Klein, I am 23 years old and currently in the last year of my training as a mechatronics engineer. With my technical high school graduation, I focused a technical job for a long time. I decided to work as a mechatronics engineer because it covers a large area and therefore offers a lot of variety. In my free time I like to ride my motorcycle and in summer I like to windsurf. 

Please, tell us something about your apprenticeship at VETTER? What’s your job as a mechatronics engineer? What is your daily working at VETTER? What do you enjoy mostly about your apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is very varied. Every day there is something new or different to do. My area of ​​responsibility includes everything from small device repairs to repair our systems and project construction.

Every day begins with a small meeting in which we are assigned our tasks, depending tasks and projects of the day. 

My job as a mechatronics engineer is very important for our production processes. We ensure that the machines run continuously and without problems.In addition, we implement a wide variety of projects, some of which make work easier, increase and improve our production or even lead to energy-saving measurements.

The best about my apprenticeship is, in addition to a varied job, the responsibility that I am entrusted with. We have to guarantee safe handling and procedures for our machines.

In your opinion, what distinguishes VETTER as a great apprenticeship company?

The apprenticeship at VETTER is very extensive, both in terms of training in the company itself and further training through courses.The trainees are supported by their supervisors and colleagues at all times.In the course of our training, we take on more and more responsibility and can show what we have learned in our own small projects.This is what sets training at VETTER apart.


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