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A family business continues into the future

13. March 2023 | Insights

Maximilian Vetter follows in his father’s footsteps but goes his own way!

“And those are very big footsteps,” Maximilian Vetter said. “But I have had the intention of continuing the family tradition for a long time. The next few years will be exciting, I’m really looking forward to the time and the challenges!” With these words, you can directly hear his enthusiasm.

VETTER has been a family business since its foundation in 1889. Now in the 5th generation, VETTER is proud of its independence and autonomy. Decisions can be made quickly and directly. The fork manufacturer with 550 employees and production sites in Burbach/Germany and Chambersburg/USA as well as 6 subsidiaries is a successful and well-known company worldwide. The fact that everything around us has been transported with a fork at some point makes the fork so exciting.

Arnold, Gabriele and Maximilian Vetter agree: It’s just the right time for Maximilian Vetter to join the company so that the management can be handed over from father to son in a few years.

Maximilian Vetter already gained his first experience in the company in high school and during his studies and accompanied his father on business trips from time to time. Forks have been part of his life from an early age. 

“My wife and I are enthusiastic that Maximilian wants to go this way. It makes us proud and happy. Passing on a company to the next generation is no longer a matter of course these days. Nevertheless, it was important to us that our son gained his first professional experience outside the company after graduation, so that he is able decide for himself which path he really wants to take.”

After successfully completing his bachelor’s and master’s degree in international business administration at the universities in Frankfurt and Hamburg, Maximilian Vetter worked for a Munich-based automotive company. In the coming months, he will intensively familiarize himself with the processes of the various departments and take on more and more responsibility. Arnold and Gabriele Vetter: “We are looking forward to the time with our son as we work together in the company.” 

VETTER Industrie GmbH – the 5th generation has started.


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