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LogiMAT 2024 review: What was going on at the VETTER booths?

27. March 2024 | Insights

In a nutshell: a whole lot 😉 

One week after LogiMAT some fun facts from our exhibition appearance at LogiMAT 2024

👉 2 exhibition boothes with a total of 130 square metres of exhibition space  💪 

👉 35-person exhibition team on site in Stuttgart 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️

👉 2 people celebrating a birthday🎉 

👉 20 different forks for a wide range of applications👍

👉 300 curry sausages 🌭

👉 4kg flour, 2kg sugar, 60 eggs and 4 litres cream for the waffles – calories? Life is too short to count calories 😂

👉 6kg of strawberries for the waffle topping🍓 

👉 280 litres of drinks🥤

👉… and several hundred visitors👏

LogiMAT 2025 – we are looking forward to next year.😃 

Some impressions of LogiMAT 2024:


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