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CROC ForkCoatings

16. March 2022 | QualityForks

Best grip for sure! CROC fork coatings of VETTER

Sliding loads? Transport damages? Waste of time and money? That was once!

VETTER’s solution: Once fitted, CROC fork coatings ensure greater safety and efficiency for transporting goods. Individual for each application.

CROC Product features

  • High abrasion and cut resistance
  • Resistance to oils, acids, chemicals and solvents
  • Long lifetime
  • 1000-fold approved in practice
  • Temperature and weather resistant
  • Polyurethane – made in Germany
  • High-tech special adhesive for permanent coating
  • Equipped collision protection at the fork tip

VETTER expertise: over 25 years of experience and competence in fork coating.

Practice shows it: VETTER fork coatings with several thousand operating hours – the CROC coating lasts!

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