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A fork solution that pays off: Solid stainless steel forks for ex-proof areas

16. September 2020 | QualityForks

Solid stainless steel forks in ex-proof areas – is this reasonable? Definitely YES – as the investment in solid stainless steel forks pays off multiply.

  1. Solid stainless steel forks always offer explosion protection even when the fork is worn. This is not only a plus in safety. Furthermore, it is not necessary to carry out a daily measuring of the remaining cladding thickness which is mandatory for cladded forks.
  2. The operating life is significantly higher: The wear zone of a cladded fork is only 3 mm. A solid stainless steel fork with OptimaHeel and 45 mm fork thickness offers 12.5 mm wear zone which corresponds to a 4 times longer operation life.
  3. But that’s not all. The special high-tech material offers a 2 times higher resistance to wear compared to cladded forks.
  4. And the original cross-section of the fork remains unchanged resulting in an easy and efficient load pick-up.

Good reasons that convince in daily use.
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By the way: Also in hygiene areas solid stainless steel forks are first choice. The smooth, polished surface has no interfaces and due to this, it is very hygienic and easy to clean.


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