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Forks in the explosion-protected area

Increase safety.

Forks for use in the explosion-protected area must meet very special safety requirements. The danger of explosion is always given when a mixture of air and combustible gases or dust results in an explosive atmosphere. Even a very small spark may cause such an atmosphere to explode. Industrial trucks and forks are thus subject to special requirements.

VETTER forks for explosion-protected areas also fulfil these special requirements. For every application and all transport goods.
Durable and time- and cost-saving. Genuine first-class workmanship!

These forks help you transport goods safety in the explosion-protected area:

DuplEx claddings


BELUGA fork tip

DuplEx claddings

DuplEx forks are the only ATEX-certified forks with an integrated wear indicator. By using materials of different colours (brass and stainless steel), the wear limit can be seen at a glance for greater convenience and safety.

DuplEx claddings


With StainlessSteelForks, the explosion protection properties are always guaranteed. It is not necessary to check the cladding thickness.
A longer service life compared to cladded forks ensures long-term cost savings.


ATEX forks with BELUGA tip

ATEX forks with BELUGA tip offer an increased impact surface of the fork tip upon contact with the load.

This reduces damage of packaging and goods and increases safety of humans and environment - also in explosion-protected areas. 


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