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Anti-slip / anti-noise ForkCoatings

Best protection of transported goods

If the transported goods are to be protected, the Anti-slip / Anti-noise ForkCoating is an optimum solution. Suitable for a variety of industries; transport with or without a load carrier – a wide range of designs offer the best solution for the requirements.

Product benefits

Special care is needed when transporting fragile goods, especially when doing so without a transport carrier. Anti-slip / anti-noise coatings protect delicate surfaces, reduce vibrations and prevent damage to the goods significantly.

Mounted at the fork back coatings offer effective impact protection to reduce damages to the goods. 

One of the main advantages of anti-slip / anti-noise coatings lies in the anti-slip properties. This guarantees safe transport even outdoors. At the same time it increases the work safety, as there is no longer a risk of the load slipping off the forks.


Noises are par for the course when transporting goods, for example when transporting metal products. However, this poses a problem when working around the clock or in residential areas. Anti-slip / anti-noise coatings alleviate this problem because they significantly reduce the vibrations and thus the noise level.


All coating materials used have to fulfil the highest requirements on abrasion and cut resistance, as this is the only way to guarantee a long service life. The collision protection on the fork tip reduces the wear even further (GrippFix / Polyurethane coatings).


The spray coating offers an all-around coating of fork blade and / or fork back as well as a very small coating thickness.

Further advantage: Coloured markings in the coating to specify how deep to enter into the pallet (optional).

The range of different versions is as diverse as your different applications:

  • Wide-ranging coating materials
  • Coating on the fork shank and/or fork blade
  • Retrofittable fork coatings

We would be happy to advise you!


  • Transporting fragile goods

  • Transporting without a transport carrier

  • Transporting goods outdoors

  • Transporting in residential areas

The alternatives: retrofittable coatings

KOALA ImpactProtector

KOALA ImpactProtector

GEKKO Magnetic
anti-slip layer

Fork shoe / extension with coating

KOALA ImpactProtector red with adhesive strap (Velcro)

  • Cushions the impact of the load on the fork shank
  • Prevents the inner fork heal damaging the load
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Fastening straps for quick installation

KOALA ImpactProtector

KOALA ImpactProtector black with 4 magnets

  • Cushions the impact of the load on the fork shank
  • Prevents the inner fork heal damaging the load
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • 4 magnets for quick installation

KOALA ImpactProtector

GEKKO Magnetic anti-slip layer

  • Easily placed and removed within a few seconds
  • Magnetic adhesion on the forks
  • Higher occupational safety: minimized risk of slipping loads
  • Protection of sensitive surfaces, reduction of scratches
  • Easy attachment on the lift truck (e.g. on the mast) when not in use
  • Can also be used on hand lift trucks

GEKKO Magmetic anti-slip layer

Fork shoe / extension with anti-slip / anti-noise coating

  • For subsequent coating of the fork blade
  • Coating materials: GrippFix, polyurethane or spray coating
  • Fork shoes are exclusively for subsequent coating; no change to the load-bearing capacity
  • Alternatively, coated fork extensions are available

Coated fork shoes / extensions