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The intelligent sensor fork

If the view is obstructed through transport goods, only gut feeling remains.
You don’t need to accept this any longer: the SmartFork® provides a better view and makes working with free sight simply safer.

Intuition meets precision - in one tool which makes work as efficient and safe as never before with a fork arm.

Six good reasons to use SmartFork in your logistics

For staff and goods


Through improved visibility and intelligent sensor technology

Through less damage to goods and packaging


Full visibility without uncomfortable rotation of the head and upper body


Through safe navigation when transporting goods and faster workflows


Intelligent sensor integrated in the forks makes your work easier



  • Unobstructed forward view

  • Retrieval of goods

  • Storage of goods

  • Block storage in the warehouse

  • Improved visibility

SmartFork® applications

Every SmartFork® application is intelligent. But only when used in combination do they form an intelligent overall solution that guarantees more safety. The SmartFork® can be installed on all commercially available industrial trucks, on request also with radio transmission.


SmartFork Camera

The load has been picked up and it blocks your view. Stacking doesn´t need to be a hit or miss affair. SmartFork® Camera enables you to see everything that would otherwise remain hidden.

SmartFork SideCam

Look along the fork when loading goods? The lateral camera position of the SmartFork® SideCam offers images of both forks on the monitor.
A semi-integrated camera installation and cable routing in the fork allows a more robust solution.

SmartFork Secure

Removing goods from the block storage poses a genuine challenge, as there is a constant danger to lift up the pallet stored next in line, too. The application SmartFork® Secure in the fork tip displays the end of the pallet.

SmartFork EasySecure

SmartFork® EasySecure makes pallet loading even more intelligent, no matter whether block storage or high bay racking. The light sensor mounted in the fork blade center indicates the pallet end or facilitates a safe recognition of length- or crosswise stored Euro-pallets.
For a flexible application the SmartFork® EasySecure can be adapted individually to up to 3 load carriers.

SmartFork Laser

Approach and enter forklift pockets accurately in great heights is a demanding task. With SmartFork® Laser aiming device you rise to this challenge to safely pick up loads in the high bay warehouse.

SmartFork ManuTel

When transporting different loading lengths driving with gut feeling is a real challenge. That is why the SmartFork® ManuTel combines the intelligent with the functional: flexible length adjustment AND optimum vision. Due to intelligent cable routing all SmartFork® applications are fully operational even with extended fork blade.

SmartFork® Individual

VETTER SmartFork® inspired you to an individual solution for your forklift or AGV?
Please contact us.  

VETTER develops YOUR intelligent SensorFork in cooperation with you or on your behalf.

Please contact us for more detailed information as well as competent advise through our consultants to allow us to find the best solutions for your requirements.

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