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KOALA ImpactProtector

Protect the load

Special care is needed when transporting fragile goods. The KOALA ImpactProtector protects delicate surfaces, reduces vibrations and noise and prevents damage to the goods significantly.

Product benefits

  • Best possible protection for your goods – no damage due to the inner heel radius of the fork
  • Collision protection in the fork back: preservation of sensitive surfaces
  • Noise reduction
  • Quick mounting – immediately ready for use
  • Easy attachment on the lift truck (e.g. on the mast) when not in use
  • Two options:
    • KOALA „red“ with two height-adjustable, integrated velcro strips, suitable forlong-term application
    • KOALA „black“ with four integrated round magnets, suitable for short-term alternating use

Product pictures

KOALA-R: Mounting with adhesive strap (Velcro)

KOALA-R: supplied with 2 velcro straps long and 2 velcro straps short

KOALA-S: Mounting by magnets at the backside

Attach to the lift truck when not in use



  • Transporting fragile goods

  • Transporting without a transport carrier

  • Transporting goods outdoors

  • Transporting in residential areas