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ZEBRA Warning bar

A must for road traffic

One reason for accidents with (fork) lift trucks: forks are hard to recognize at first sight. 
With the innovative ZEBRA warning bar made by VETTER you are on the safe side.

Please note: For safety reasons it is highly recommended to use warning bars when operating forklift trucks in road traffic.

Product pictures

ZEBRA Warning bar with 8 magnets
(4 magnets at the inner side for a safe mounting onto the forks
plus 4 magnets at the outer side for easy mounting on the forklift when not in operation)

Forklifts in road traffic (without load) should use warning bars for being recognized at first sight

Always ready to hand: Mount the warning bar at the forklift when not in use (i.e. at the mast)

Product benefits

The special reflector foil in red-white hatching is visible from afar. You profit by maximum security, for example on car parks, at exits and in poor visibility.


Magnetic pockets offer quick assembly for all types of forks. An additional mounting is not necessary. 


Additional magnets at the warning bar outer side: easy mounting at the forklift when not in use




  • Machines in road traffic