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Anti-slip / anti noise fork shoes and extensions

Slip resistance and load protection

If the transported goods are to be protected, anti-slip / anti-noise coatings present an optimum solution. VETTER also has a large range of solutions that can even be fitted to existing forks at a later date. Coated fork shoes / fork extensions are perfect for flexible, temporary use. 

Product benefits

  • Easily placed in a few seconds for temporary use
  • Coated ForkShoes: exclusively for subsuquent coating, no change to the load-bearing capacity
  • Coated ForkExtensions: Load protection and increase of blade length in one product
  • Protection of transported goods
  • Slip resistance 
  • Reduction of damages
  • No scratches on goods
  • Less vibrations
  • Noise reduction, especially when transporting metal parts in residential areas / at night
  • Abrasion and cut resistance for long operating life
  • Higher safety at work: no risk because of slipping load
  • Spray coating:
    • All-around coatings of the fork shoes / extensions
    • Very small coating thickness
    • Optional: coloured markings in the coating to specify how deep to enter into the pallet


  • Transporting fragile goods

  • Transporting without a transport carrier

  • Transporting goods outdoors

  • Transporting in residential areas