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VETTER QUICK AND EASY: SmartFork SmartSupply

27. Jul 2022 | Quick&Easy

How long is the battery life of the wireless power SmartSupply?

The integrated sensors in VETTER forks SmartFork® are powered independently by the SmartSupply battery. Mast cables are not required to supply power to the SmartFork® applications.

Depending on the application, the following battery runtimes apply in continuous operation (at room temperature):

  • Integrated laser: up to 32 hours 
  • Drive-in depth sensor: up to 22 hours  
  • Retrofittable kit SmartTarget with Laser: up to 30 hours 

The energy-saving mode automatically deactivates the sensor and laser functions when the industrial truck is stopping, so the battery life is optimized to a maximum.

More about SmartSupply here.


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