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VETTER Quick and Easy: Inspection of forks

13. Sep 2022 | Quick&Easy

Highest attention should be paid to a regular inspection of forks. Forks are safety items. The value of daily transported goods runs into billions

An important indicator is the wear of the forks in order to ensure the load capacity in the long term. With the specially developed VETTER wear measuring card, you can determine the wear of forks in just a few seconds.

  1. Determine nominal thick- ness „N“ of fork using scale (e.g. at the shank of the fork).
  2. Put opening allocated to the nominal thickness „N“ (e.g. N 45 for 45 mm nominal thickness) at the area of the greatest wear. (often in the heel area).
  3. If the opening fits over the fork, the fork has to be replaced (regardless the manufacturer). In this case, wear is already higher than 10% of nominal thickness!

More about fork inspection you could find here.


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