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QualityForks with ISO 50001 certificate

04. Jun 2020 | Insights

Logistics of the future is green!

nature:connected – that is the motto of this year’s Environment Day as a reminder of global ecological courage. Because Climate change is one of the major issues of our time: conserving resources, reducing greenhouse gases and eventually curbing global warming.

The Siegerland is one of the most forested areas in Germany – simply nature:connected. VETTER is strongly rooted in the Siegerland, but globally active. Every day large and heavy loads are moved all around the world with VETTER forks. It is important to harmonize the growth of logistics with the climate thoughts.
Since the introduction of the energy management system ISO 50001, VETTER continuously strives to contribute to this major goal.

  • Constant improvement in terms of energy- and resource-conscious production processes
  • Application of energy-efficient technologies in production and administration
  • Most modern equipment in manufacturing areas and offices
  • Sensitizing staff to act resource-preserving

Alone a considerable electricity demand could be saved by optimizing processes – while simultaneously increasing the production.
That was just the beginning. Further measures are planned in order to continue to focus the company on sustainability.

By the way:
VETTER is already certified since 1992 acc. to ISO 9001 (QualityManagement) and since 2007 acc. to ISO 14001 (EnvironmentalManagement).


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