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20. Apr 2020 | Smart Solutions

The new dimension of weighing
with load center display

Your benefits:

  • Weight detection and display of load center
  • Digital display with touch function
  • Rechargeable battery made by BOSCH
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Integrated tilt sensor to detect oblique positions
  • SmartEnergy: automatic deactivation during standstill
  • Intuitive adjustment menu
  • Combinable with SmartFork® applications
  • Highly accurate weighing result (system tolerance +/- 0.1 % of the nominal load), calibrated with gauged weights
  • Every conceivable fork suspension
  • Easy IT-connection (printer, scanner, ERP)
  • Functions: Add up weights, Calculation of individual weights, Tare weight, Zero correction, digital calibration
SmartFork Scale with load center display
SmartFork Scale display mit weighing functions
SmartSupply rechargeable battery made by BOSCH


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