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More space for fork production

10. May 2022 | Insights

VETTER Industrie GmbH, Europe’s leading manufacturer of forks, expands location in Burbach!

It has now been three years since the two Burbach entrepreneurs Arnold Vetter and Uwe Krumm came to an agreement beneficial for both sides. The neighboring companies VETTER Industrie GmbH and UKB Uwe Krumm GmbH & Co. KG each needed additional production and logistics areas, the existing premises were exhausted due to the growth of both firms.

It was a unique opportunity for VETTER to acquire the Krumm property, and for Krumm to seize the chance to build new spacious quarters in Burbach’s new industrial area “Rübgarten”. 

A few days ago, the industrial complex on Carl-Benz-Strasse was transferred to VETTER.

During an “open hour”, the approximately 550 employees of VETTER Industrie GmbH were invited to have a look around and get first impressions of the newly acquired company property over coffee and cake.  “With the acquisition of the property in our immediate vicinity, the conditions for further growth are provided,” says Arnold Vetter, Managing Director of Vetter Industrie GmbH. The new addition comprises approx. 4,200 sqm of hall and approx. 650 sqm of office space.   

“Aft”After some renovation work, both in the production shop and the offices, we hope to be able to use them from the middle of the year. First conversion works will start next week,” says Gabriele Vetter, shareholder of VETTER Industrie GmbH. A large part of the area will be converted into a logistics centre. 

Product development will also receive generous areas, supplemented by the production and assembly of the successful sensor fork SmartFork®. The installation of sensors and camera technology in the forks requires . Product development will be given generous space, supplemented by the production and assembly of the successful SmartFork® line. The installation of sensors and camera technology in the forks requires special conditions that can now be optimally implemented. All teams involved are looking forward to the additional office space.

“The next step will be the rebuild of the vacant space in plant 1, the main plant. The space urgently needed has long since been planned,” says Gunther Grindel, CTO at VETTER.


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