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08. Dec 2021 | QualityForks

The goal is to produce the best fork for your application. There are no limits to the variety of VETTER forks. We offer the individual solution for every application!

A combination of TelescopicFork and FoldingFork enables easy and safe handling in logistics.

Safe loading of goods and pallets of different lengths is no longer a big effort with the ManuTel® TelescopicFork. With the ManuTel® you always have the „extension“ of the fork at hand and ready for use in no time.

Long forks can quickly lead to dangerous situations in restricted spaces or road traffic. FoldingForks not only reduce the space required by the truck, but also improve manoeuvrability and thus ensure greater safety. A pin suspension in the heel area of the fork allows the fork blade to be folded up and hazards are minimized many times over.

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ManuTel – Manual TelescopicFork


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