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28. Apr 2021 | Services

VETTER anti-slip / anti-noise forkcoatings for a significantly reduced noise level when transporting goods!

VETTER offers a wide range of fork coatings for a multitude of applications which serve to protect your transported goods and simultaneously reduce transport noises.

Noises are the order of the day in the movement of goods, e.g. when transporting metal products. However, it becomes increasingly difficult when working around the clock or in residential areas. VETTER anti-slip / anti-noise fork coatings provide a remedy: vibrations and noise levels are significantly reduced. 

Additional benefits of VETTER fork coatings:

  • Less damages of the transported goods
  • Increased transport safety because of slip resistance
  • Flexible use owing to a wide range of coating materials
  • Colored markings to determine the entry depth

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