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I see what you don´t see

30. June 2021 | Smart Solutions

Forklift drivers with attached CameraForks on their lift truck clearly see more. And this pays off: Higher safety, less accidents, decreasing damages and faster workflows. These are more than good reasons for the use of fork cameras.

But which camera is the right one? The SmartFork fields of vision perfectly complement each other:

  • SmartFork FrontCam: The camera in the fork tip enables perfect view on everything that happens in front of the load. A huge benefit for storing loads and loading trucks.
  • SmartFork SideCam: The lateral integrated fork camera provides a view onto the fork tips for safe load pick-up.
  • SmartFork PremiumCam: The combination of front and side camera offers best visibility on and ahead of the load. The camera view changes automatically when picking up load.

Nowadays, assistent systems are already standard in many cars. But why not for forklifts? Convince yourself during a personal consultation or SmartFork demonstration.


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