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Teambuilding And Personality training

27. Oct 2021 | Insights

Recognizing goals you have set yourself, promoting independence and personal responsibility, strengthening your own development – all this is part of the personality training of the business consulting HAMBL in Siegen.

In a 4-hour workshop our trainees joined time with the coaches from HAMBL and learned methods and strategies for a holistic personality training. Getting to know themselfs better and get a balance of business and private life.

After workshop and lunch a Lasertag game was scheduled for the afternoon. Fun, games and excitement for the whole team.

Additionally to everyone’s joy: finally another event after a long period with many restrictions and less activities due to the corona pandemic. We are looking forward to al lot of events in the future again.

A successful day for our trainees. They had a lot of fun and learned about themselves and others. This event was a good opportunity to get to know each other in the trainee crew, especially for our new trainees who started their apprenticeship at VETTER this year.

VETTER regularly offers apprentice and employee events as well as team building measurements to promote the team spirit. Good cooperation and mutual appreciation built the basis for having fun in everyday working life.


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