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5 good reasons for the use of SmartFork Scale also in your company!

24. Jul 2020 | Smart Solutions

  1. Transport and Weighing directly with the forks: This avoids unnecessary distances, saves time and money.
  2. Display of weight AND load center: A possible overload can be easily recognized and the driver can adjust the position of the load exactly.
  3. An individual overall solution for your application: Only SmartFork® Scale is combinable with further SmartFork® applications as cameras, laser and sensor technology.
  4. Easy, fast installation without cables: SmartSupply offers power supply by rechargeable BOSCH battery and data transfer via Bluetooth.
    A wide range of fork suspensions can be delivered (ISO forks, bolt-on forks, pin-type forks etc.) which allows mounting to almost all types of forklifts, AGVs and attachments.
  5. Optimum IT-connection: Data is transferred wireless to SmartDisplay with individually programmable surface and touch function. But also interfaces to printer, scanner and ERP systems can be easily configured.
SmartFork Scale

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