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3 QUESTIONS TO Tabea Bauer, Apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator

11. Nov 2020 | Insights

Tabea, please introduce yourself?

My name is Tabea Bauer, I am 20 years old and in my second year of apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator. I chose this job because I have been interested in the technical field for a long time and I also do a lot in this sector in my free time.

Please, tell us something about your apprenticeship at VETTER? What’s your job as a cutting machine operator? What is your daily working at VETTER? What do you enjoy mostly about your apprenticeship?

My day at VETTER starts with the shift handover of the machine to which I am assigned that day. Firstly I have to check the program. I also monitor the manufacturing process of the forks, insert them into the machine and take them out again after the program has finished. I make sure that the program is running correctly and rework the forks if necessary. That means deburring and dimensional control.

The responsibility to operate machines myself is one of the reasons why I enjoy my job as a cutting machine operator. A varied job, always new tasks and working on new forks every day make this job so interesting. As a cutting machine operator, I also have an important role in the production process, because the forks cannot be processed further without mechanical processing. For example, without the milled pockets and grooves on our SmartFork® sensor forks, the cameras cannot be installed.

In your opinion, what distinguishes VETTER as a great apprenticeship company?

VETTER is particularly characterized by its comprehensive basic training. This includes many different areas such as turning, milling, welding, workbench lessons and independent work on the machines. We apprentices are constantly supported by our colleagues. In addition, all apprentices are prepared for the exams in a very targeted manner through preparatory and advanced courses.


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