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3 questions to Sübhan Daldaban: 40th work anniversary at VETTER

17. Sep 2020 | Insights

40 years with VETTER – a reason to celebrate.

Sübhan tells us a little bit about his long time at VETTER before he goes into his well-deserved retirement.

Sübhan, please introduce yourself.

I’m Sübhan Daldaban, 63 years old and live in Siegen. I like to spend my free time with my grandchildren, I enjoy being outdoors and I love reading.

Tell us something about your 40 years at VETTER. How did everything start, what was your responsibility at VETTER and what has always inspired you about your daily work?

I’ve been with VETTER for exactly 40 years. At first, drilling fork hooks was one of my tasks. Gradually, my work was expanded to include straightening and painting. I was appointed safety officer in 1992 and have worked in the fork quality control for many years. Since 2006, I have been a foreman and shift supervisor in our fork production.

In these 40 years at VETTER, I have always been enthusiastic about the varied activities. Whether organizing operational processes or working closely with colleagues in our administration, my job has never been boring.

After 40 years you are now going into your well-deserved retirement. Do you already have plans and goals?

I want to spend a lot of time with my family and pursue my hobbies even more.

Sübhan, the entire VETTER team would like to thank you for all these years of cooperation, your great commitment and your reliability. We wish you all the best, happiness, contentment and, above all, health for the new phase of your life.


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