CargoSaver with integrated folding tip

Increased safety for people and environment, also in explosion-protected areas!

Avoid puncturing the goods to be transported with the forks due to driving errors by using VETTER CargoSaver®.
When contacting the load inadvertently, the folding tip is activated, reducing damage to the goods.

Without CargoSaver:

Pallet missed = packaging damaged!

With CargoSaver:

Pallet missed = packaging undamaged!

Product benefits

If the forks miss the fork pocket in the pallet, the fork tip folds up automatically and increases the contact area on the load. This significantly reduces the risk of the fork tip puncturing the goods and causing the contents to escape (in the worst case: dangerous goods).
A significant plus in terms of work safety!


The damage to your goods is reduced to a minimum and, depending on the severity of the impact and the packaging, may even be completely eliminated.


Driving errors can have significant consequences, particularly in explosion-protected areas. The CargoSaver® fork is thus also available with a stainless steel folding tip and stainless steel cladding on the fork blade – and is, of course, ATEX-certified.


CargoSaver® forks make your processes significantly more efficient due to quick and safe load handling.
At the same time, the time and costs involved in rectifying any transport damages are eliminated.

CargoSaver® forks are delivered with full documentation and in accordance with the requirements of the EC Machinery Directive (CE marking). Their use thus meets all statutory requirements!


  • Explosion-protected areas

  • Chemical industry

  • Transporting fluids (f.ex. in drums and tanks)

  • Transporting bulk materials / big bags (f.ex. granulates and building materials)

  • Transporting dangerous goods

  • Transporting fragile goods

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