Forks for forwarding agents

Forks for forwarding agents

At forwarding agents it is day-to-day business that a great variety of goods is transported.

Impact and demands on forks are manifold. Beside load protection also product quality and flexibility are of great importance.

ManuTel TeleskopGabelzinken

ManuTel SlimLine

The ideal solution for transporting goods of different length are ManuTel® TelescopicForks.

Ready-to-use within seconds, solid design and 1000-fold approved. 

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SoftProtect coatings Polyurethane and GrippFix

SoftProtect coatings

SoftProtect coatings are a simple and effective solution for load protection. Coating of forks prevents slipping off goods and protects surfaces against scratches and damages.

Thus, SoftProtect coatings are an important contribution to working safety.

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