Stainless steel forks

Forks of solid stainless steel

StainlessSteelForks are  manufactured  of  100  %  solid  stainless  steel  (including  fork  hooks)  offering  a  smooth  and  polished surface. Engineering is made in conformance with ISO 2330, tested with a static safety factor 3 and dynamical 1,000,000 load cycles with 25% overload.

Thus, StainlessSteelForks are the perfect solution for ex-proof and hygiene areas.

Your benefits in ex-proof areas

  • High safety: Explosion-proof operation is always guaranteed!
  • Long operating life until wear limit is achieved
  • Smaller cross-sections compared to fork claddings
  • Time savings: No daily check of ex-proof cladding

Your benefits in hygiene areas

  • Easy cleaning
  • Resistance against dirt and environmental influences (bacteria)
  • Corrosion-resistance

Norms solid stainless steel forks

  • Production according to ISO 2330:
    • Minimum triple static load without permanent deformation
    • Minimum 1,000,000 stress cylcles with 25 % overload