ManuTel TelescopicForks

ManuTel - the best solution for your application

ManuTel TelescopicForks

Day-to-day operation requires moving of goods and pallets in various lengths. Quite often the fork arms mounted to the lift truck are either too short or too long. So far fork extensions are mounted, which is time-consuming and laborious or long forks are used which limits the manoeuvrability of the lift truck.

An ideal solution are ManuTel® - the manual TelescopicFork made by VETTER. With ManuTel® you always have the extension with you and ready for use in no time. Time-consuming searching, transporting and mounting of the conventional fork extensions is not required any more. Simply adjust the ManuTel® fork shoe to the desired length – lock it – ready.

ManuTel G2 Standard edition

ManuTel G2
  • Standard capacity up to 5 tons at load centre 600 mm, custom-made capacities on demand
  • Ideal for truck loading and unloading from one side
  • Solid construction, suitable for all-terrain application
  • Wear-resistant straight manganese steel plate on the lower side of the fork shoe
  • Wide product range

ManuTel SlimLine edition

ManuTel SlimLine
  • Extra-thin blade - thickness only 40 mm
  • Ideal for loads and pallets with small apertures
  • Quick release pin-locking device for easy length adjustment
  • Capacity up to 2 tons

Product benefits ManuTel

Benefit 1: High efficiency

ManuTel efficiency

Truck loading and unloading from one side resp. transport of 2 or 3 pallets at once.

Benefit 2: Time and cost saving

ManuTel cost savings

PREVIOUSLY: Fork extensions: 10 minutes mounting time
(search, carry, fit, lock, ... remove, carry, transport etc.)

NEW: ManuTel® < 1 minute required
(unlock, extend, lock - READY!)

= 9 minutes time saving

Based on an hourly rate of 45.00 € (lift truck / driver) and 240 working days, saving of 2,160 minutes = 1,620 € per year - with only one change of blade length per day.

Benifit 3: High safety

ManuTel correct length

Always suitable fork length!

No risk of accident by protruding or short fork blades.

Benefit 4: Solid design

ManuTel robust

ManuTel® G2 offers a wear-resistant straight manganese steel plate on the lower side of the fork shoe. Thus, it is protected against dirt, suitable for all-terrain application and offers long operating life and efficient application.

Benefit 5: Easy to use

ManuTel application

ManuTel® TelescopicForks are ready to use within seconds.

Remove the pin - extend the fork sleeve to the required length - replace the pin - READY! Without tools or additional hydraulic!

Benefit 6: 1000-fold approved

ManuTel locking

Length adjustment by locking pin is 1000-fold approved in daily operation within the last years. Worldwide. In all kind of environment.

Benefit 7: Legal conformance

ManuTel operating manual

Delivery according to EC machinery directive (CE sign) with detailed operating instructions and type plate.