CargoSaver with integrated folding tip

Palett missed StandardFork

So far:

  • If the pallet is missed, the goods can be damaged by the fork tip
  • This causes high efforts in repacking of damaged goods and necessary cleaning
  • In case of sensitive or hazardous goods, implications could even be worse

NEW with CargoSaver:

  • When contacting the load inadvertently, the integrated folding tip is activated and enlarges the impact area on the goods.
  • Tip automatically folds back into standard position.
  • Highly recommendable for safe transport of sensitive or hazardous goods
  • Always reasonable where packing damages lead to safety risks, damages or dirt (with liquids, bulk material, food, etc.)

CargoSaver product benefits

  • Increased safety at work
  • Time and cost savings
    • Your packing ramains undamaged, no rejects due to damaged goods
    • Your production facility remains clean: no dirt caused by damaged goods (in particular with liquids, sprays, paints, bigbags, cement bags, etc.
    • Your processes are streamlined by fast and effective loading
  • System tested and used by well-known manufacturers of consumer goods

Norms CargoSaver

  • Production according to ISO 2330
    • Minimum triple static load without permanent deformation
    • Minimum 1,000,000 stress cylcles with 25 % overload