QualityForks - our dedication

VETTER Burbach
Arnold Vetter
Arnold Vetter

That is the motto we are fully and completely committed to. We dedicate our work to our customers: To satisfy your requests all along the line. QualityForks are the unfailing helpers, lifting and lowering heavy loads around the clock. The requirements are enormous and manifold. That´s why we are as versatile as our customers - everything called „fork arm“ is our profession.

As there is an enormous diversity, we have focused our strength on this product - more than almost any other company. As the leading European manufacturer of QualityForks, we have the means to produce and deliver forks according to your demands: be it design, quantity or types. With enthusiam we follow our daily goal to convey perfection and safety with our products.

With VETTER you are always well advised!

QualityProduction "made in Germany"

VETTER produces exclusively in Germany. A high vertical integration guarantees that through the value added chain high quality standards are constantly fulfilled. The customer benefits from competences VETTER as manufacturer can provide, ensuring a high grade of flexibility, which is essential in rapidly changing markets.
Owing to high technical competence and best equipment in R&D area our engineers are already involved in customer solutions for newly developed industrial trucks and machines.

Stability and reliability

Our concern are stability and reliability - over the decades. As family enterprise we are proud of our independence and self-sufficiency. This guarantees quick and direct decisons, without being subjected to external influencs.

As a family enterprise we strive for constant improvement. To ultimately secure you competitive advantages, continuous investments, innovative manufacturing processes, uncompromising quality, a sound company policy and motivated employees are absolutely imperative. Now and in future we offer you a technical performance, which you have the right to expect.

We are looking forward to shaping the future together with you and seize the opportunities to come.